29 May 2020|Blog

How will YOUR office change?

How will YOUR office change?

Changes at the Office

Has COVID-19 changed the way we work forever?

As lockdowns are relaxed around the world and people return to their workplaces, the next challenge will be adapting office spaces to the new normal of strict personal hygiene and physical distancing.

Staggered start times, temperature checks on arrival, Perspex partitions and GPS-tracked wearables may well be the new normal to the post-COVID-19 workplace.

New builds might incorporate touch-free technology such as voice-activated lifts, doors and cabinets, touchless sinks and soap dispensers, improved air venting and UV lights to disinfect surfaces overnight.

The minimum standards a workplace will be required to meet are:

  • Manage the risks of a person contracting or spreading COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Implement and maintain a cleaning schedule across the workplace
  • Have good hygiene procedures and practices (such as washing and/or sanitising of hands)
  • Ensure workers who have been instructed to quarantine or self-isolate don’t come to the workplace
  • Make sure physical distancing requirements are met by workers, contractors and other people entering, leaving or moving around the workplace
  • Provide information, training and supervision on how the risks of COVID-19 are to be managed and ensure all processes and procedures are applied by workers
  • Provide information and instruction to other people who attend the workplace about how they are to comply with your processes and procedures, and make sure they apply them.

What do you think some of the changes to workplaces will be?