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Compliance Matters – July

Compliance Matters – July

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Do you meet your Compliance Obligations?

The release of ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems Standards in 2018 has meant that the structures of the Quality (ISO 9001), Safety (ISO 45001) and Environment (ISO 14001) standards are consistent, making them more straightforward to integrate.

There are some areas where terms differ, but the intention is the same. In ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems, compliance obligation is used instead of legal and other requirements as is the case in ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems. For an organisation that has implemented these standards, the compliance requirements are unchanged.

What is a compliance obligation?

They consist of mandatory or voluntary requirements including:

  • Acts and Regulations (mandatory)
  • Contractual requirements
  • Codes of Practice
  • Expectations of third parties

Once a company has decided to adopt a requirement, it becomes a compliance obligation.

What is required?

In each standard, Clause 6.1.3 outlines the requirements where an organisation shall establish, implement and maintain a process to:

  • Have access to up to date compliance obligations
  • Determine how the compliance obligations apply to the organisation
  • Take the compliance obligations into account when establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the Management System.

Organisations are required to maintain documented information of their compliance obligations.

How to implement?

This will not be a one-off exercise, but a process that provides almost real-time knowledge and understanding of how the organisation is performing with regard to regulatory compliance and voluntary commitments.
This will require:

  • a review of compliance obligations on a regular basis
  • internal audits to review the business conformity with the compliance obligations
  • update the management system to meet any compliance obligations

While certification of a management system against the requirements of these standards is not a guarantee of legal compliance, it is a proven and efficient tool to achieve and maintain such legal compliance. Applying a systematic approach will prevent your organisation from unintentional violation of legislation.

Compliance Champions
A BIG Congratulations to Bonacci Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand for passing their recertification audit to Quality, Safety and Environment in July this year.

Quote of the Month

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

If you have any questions regarding your compliance obligations and its implementation into your organisation, please contact Compliance Lab.