21 Dec 2018|Compliance Matters

Compliance Matters

Compliance Matters

Welcome to the last “Compliance Matters” for 2018! We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who have helped us shape our business. We hope you have had a fantastic year and are excited to read all about our updates and upcoming opportunities Compliance Lab has to offer in 2019.Thank you for a great year and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2019.

Quote of the Month
“CHRISTMAS…is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.” Thomas S.Monson

Compliance Champions
Compliance Lab would like to say a BIG Congratulations to our following clients for passing their external audits this month:

  • Mattioli Surveillance Audit
  • IFC Surveillance Audit

Did you know
Does your business store chemicals? Do you have adequate bunding? Do you know what bunding is and the requirements form the EPA?

Bunding should be used for the storage of all liquids except rainwater. All operators working with bunds should know how to carry out preventive maintenance and use standard operating procedures to stop escaping substances from entering the environment

Bunding, also called a bund wall, is a constructed retaining wall around storage “where potentially polluting substances are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of material from that area until such time as a remedial action can be taken. If you are storing chemicals it is important that you have appropriate bunding. There are many different bunding solutions that you can utilise depending on your business requirements.

Please see the EPA website for in-depth information regarding chemical bunding:

Or contact Compliance Lab for more information.