31 Mar 2019|Compliance Matters

Compliance Matters

Compliance Matters

Welcome back to “Compliance Matters” we hope you have had a fantastic month and are excited to read all about our updates and upcoming opportunities Compliance Lab has to offer.

Quote of the Month

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates

Did you know

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on seven quality management principles that a business can apply for organisational improvement:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Relationship management

Compliance Lab would like to discuss this improvement principle in terms of an Opportunity for Improvement Procedure to track this within a business.
Continuous improvement is an organized approach to identifying opportunities for improvement that can help an organization meet its goals for increasing profits, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation.

The purpose of the Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) procedure is to address non-conforming products and services, to capture issues or feedback where our systems are inadequate or to prevent potential problems or risks that are not suitably controlled.

Management, employees and external providers can Identify service problems, staff suggestions, procedural problems, subcontractor and supplier problems, internal audit findings, customer feedback, training, safety issues, environmental issues etc. as areas where your business can improve or prevent potential problems.

Allocation of the OFI to the most suitable staff member to investigate, to look for root causes (not symptoms) and to come up with the most suitable actions to correct the problem and to prevent the issue recurring. The nominated person records details of the corrective actions and agreed time frames to be undertaken in the OFI Register.

As part of Management Review Meetings, the Management Team review the outcomes, root cause analysis trends and common themes of the OFIs, near misses, risks and hazards. Further corrective actions may result from the Management Review Meeting.

The Management Team reviews the success of the OFI system in capturing non-conformance’s, suggestions and improvements, handling them efficiently and effectively, and bringing them to a timely conclusion.

By utilising this procedure within your business whether your business has a quality system or not can help increase efficiency within your processed. For more information on the best use of continuous improvement in your business, please contact Compliance Lab.